Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Endless Summer Sale!

The Endless Summer Sale!

So this is what I (Nicole B.) purchased at the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale. :) I WISH I could have bought more, but everything in my size was sold out! :'(
But that's okay, because I got the Meadow Skirt in Fiesta Pink Everything Nice that I have literally been searching EVERYWHERE for! The funny thing is, I didn't realize that the skirt and the necklace were the same print until checkout! =^_^=

I am just so happy right now, my happiness is unexplainable! My shopping experience:

I woke up early, only to find that the website crashed! I kept refreshing the page, but it still wouldn't let me check out anything. :/ So I just put this skirt and the necklace into my "tote bag." The next day, I had to run errands, and by the time I got home, I was EXHAUSTED and crashed on the couch. And so yesterday, I FINALLY purchased my items, and now I am awaiting their arrival! :) How quickly did you guys get your stuff??

Reason why I bought the necklace instead of any other accessory:

I have been wanting an oval locket for a very long time. When I saw that it was on sale, my reaction was, "OMG IT'S AN OVAL LOCKET, AND IT'S LILLY PULITZER!!!!" So of course I clicked on the "add to tote" button. :)

So yeah. That's pretty much it. :)

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