Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's in My Backpack?

School Supplies 2013-2014

So I (Nicole E.) got a request from someone asking if I could put together a collage of what is (going to be) in my backpack/book bag. To start, I ALWAYS carry around hand sanitizer, perfume, and a hairbrush, because you never know what sort of situation you may find yourself in. Continuing on, I don't use notebooks often, so instead, I substitute with monogrammed binders. Personally, I think that binders are more easily organized than notebooks. However, keeping a small notebook (the one above is Vera Bradley) for quick thoughts isn't too terrible. Next, I absolutely adore these Vera Bradley folders- I almost screamed when I saw that they were available for purchase. As for writing, I love these Lilly pencils and highlighters, and BIC pens are a personal favorite. Post-It notes are a must, as well as binder clips, and a nautical pencil case. (A Lilly Pulitzer or Vera Bradley pencil case would be nice, too.) I find it important to keep a pencil sharpener in my bag; preferably one that has a shavings container. Last but definitely not least, I stow my phone in one of the side pockets.

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